The Hurriganes

I couldn't find a clip of Red River Rock by Johnny And The Hurricanes, but while I was searching for it, I found these guys, The Hurriganes. Apparently they are some Finnish band from the early 70s. Their live stuff is obviously ripping.

I downloaded some of their albums, but it seems like their sound can't be captured properly in a studio. Most of their stuff seems to be covers, not sure if this next song I Will Stay is a cover or not, but it's fucking amazing.


Jason said...

Choice one bro!

Since you've introduced me to joy of Finnish rock, may I be so bold as to recommend some songs that have given me aural pleasure as of late?

Kiss Shite Hoshii (I want you to kiss me) + Linda Linda:

Owaranai Uta (The Neverending Song):

Gizagiza Heart no Komori Uta (The Lullaby of the Jagged Heart) by The Checkers:

or a live version including a bonus shit song:

Unfortunately the quality of these clips isn't exceptional, and it would appear that all of The Checkers other songs are terrible. Oh, and I take responsibility for the lame title translations.

el ripuel said...

i think you might like these finnish punk bands:

you need to do more shit talking here, like you do in YWS. anyway both are great blogs!

Watson said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

As far as shit talking like YWS, I have huge aspirations for this blog, but they're all in my head.

Regular features, podcasts, all of that. Unfortunately YWS keeps me waaaaay too busy. I feel like even that takes up too much of my time as it is.

But who knows? One day maybe I will be a semi-internet-famous music blogger as well!

martti said...

Just search youtube for Hurriganes and you will find several cuts. The band has published over ten albums and several DVD:s with tons of music. Welcome to the family.