The Hurriganes

I couldn't find a clip of Red River Rock by Johnny And The Hurricanes, but while I was searching for it, I found these guys, The Hurriganes. Apparently they are some Finnish band from the early 70s. Their live stuff is obviously ripping.

I downloaded some of their albums, but it seems like their sound can't be captured properly in a studio. Most of their stuff seems to be covers, not sure if this next song I Will Stay is a cover or not, but it's fucking amazing.

Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The Law

Another rock n roll great murdered and the cops deem it a suicide. There's gotta be some sort of conspiracy going on.

The Beach Boys - I Get Around

Holy fuck! I had 6 visitors yesterday on this blog. Big time! Guess I better update.

I fuckin love this song so much.

The Knack - My Sharona

Yeah, it's a good song. I said it. Oh you don't think so? Well fuck you.