The Misfits - Skulls

Hack the heads off little girls and put 'em on my wall.


Zboy said...

The Misfits are my all time favorite band... I've seen them like 5 times.

Although it's kinda like the B squad, ya know, without Danzig... But still so rad to see.

Jerry Only fuckin rocks so hard even though he's getting fat and looking really old and has to be cooled off by his Jerry Garcia clone roadie every 3 songs... Dez and Robo too..

None the less, still my favorite.

Here's a couple photos from when I saw them in the winter. They played at this little club in Colorado, maybe only like 300 people, and they played for like 2 hours, taking requests and everything. Fun times...

And just having discovered this gem of a blog, I will be a daily visitor. I thought I was the only one who liked The Damned and Thunders!

Good shit Watson.

Watson said...

Oh man, 100% I cannot support or even think of any Misfits without Danzig. Won't even consider any of it as legit. It boils my blood hahah.

Dude, a few years back me and my friends drove 24 hours straight from Saskatoon to Denver to see Danzig live, and he played Skulls, and I went fucking nuts! Greatest road trip of my life. And we're going in October to see him in Minneapolis.

As for Thunders, he's my absoloute favourite ever. Full on obsession. I don't care what anyone says about Greco, if I were skinny I'd probably look exactly like Thunders too haha.

Glad you like the blog, and stoked at least one person will be checking it daily haha. (Even though I only update sporadically.)