The Kinks - Till The End Of The Day

Way better than the Beatles.


hairfarmer said...

Best Kinks song ever. I used to love these guys before skate videos decided that they were the best band ever them and I tired of the "twee-ness" of the Village Green album to the point of instant nausea upon listening to most of the songs, but the early stuff kills. I can't agree that they're better than the Beatles though.

Watson said...

Okay maybe "way" better was an overstatement. But better, yes.

Yeah, sort of bummed that Kinks has been over used in videos. But the old stuff is still untouched. I think the next video I'm making is gonna have Milk Cow Blues in it.

I still like the later Kinks stuff like Arthur and Village Green, but you're right, the old stuff kills.

Got My Feet On The Ground is amazing.
Milk Cow Blues is my favourite though.

Icepick said...

Can I write for this blog?

I want to smear shit all over those fucking mop tops too.