Sex Pistols (Paul Cook And Steve Jones) - Lonely Boy

After Johnny Rotten left the band and Sid Vicious died, Malcolm McLaren, the opportunistic cunt kept pushing for more money and The Great Rock N' Roll Swindle was released as and album and a movie, with studio demos and a bunch of songs without Rotten. The movie is dog-shit terrible, but it's a pretty good album. Ironically, Paul Cook and Steve Jones wrote and performed two of The Sex Pistols' best songs in my opinion, Lonely Boy and Silly Thing.

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watzalt said...

Sampled in Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun by the Beastie Boys. Did not know that until just now.

Watson said...

Are we talking the beat at the beginning or the drum break at right after "Son of a gun, son of a bitch, getting paid, getting rich"?

Because if we are talking about that drum break, I am certain it is from Mississippi Queen by Mountain. (You can hear the guitar solo cut in for a fraction of a second.)

watzalt said...

The drum beat at the beginning. I listened to them back to back last night. Looking Down The Barrel has some extra punched up beats, but I do believe it is under there. I even played them at the same time to see how it sounded. You could kind of hear it, but it mostly sounded garbled.